Appleberry Ink has wonderful wedding invitations in a wide variety of styles to choose from. They’re eco-friendly as well as budget friendly! You can also order announcements, thank you’s, personalized stationery and more. The main focus of Appleberry Ink is to offer beautiful and unique designs at an affordable price.

If you’re interested in learning a little more about "us" read on! 

My business is a balancing act, literally! I recently became a yoga instructor. ;)

I often say "us" in my business jargon. "Us" is my husband and myself as far as the business, but can extend to my little girls as well because my business effects all of us. When you choose to work with me it provides our family with a roof over our heads, I'm SO grateful for my wonderful customers. :) I also like donating to many awesome charities with any extra income I earn!

In addition to supporting our family, you get to work 1 on 1, directly with the designer, me. No auto-templated large business website here. I lay out your text and adjust everything to make sure it's perfect. Also, unlike large businesses, you are not just a number to me, I remember each and every customer and appreciate your business more than you know. I welcome any and all questions, no question is too silly or dumb, ask away! :)

I grew up in the small town of St. Michael (30 minutes northwest of Minneapolis). I’ve been artistic since I was a wee bairn. No, I’m not Scottish, but you can read the rest of this with a Scottish accent, it might make it more interesting! ;)

I’ve always been into sports growing up. I played volleyball, basketball and softball in high school and continued to play volleyball in college. Now I still play volleyball, but have also taken up yoga and running ½ marathons (and 1 full). I'm currently training for the 2012 Twin Cities Marathon (in honor of my cousin who was recently paralyzed). You can follow my training progress here if you'd like!

My husband is a typical guy, he grew up in St. Paul. He likes any sport on TV (seriously ANY!). He plays baseball and has also started running with me (he's doing the 2012 TC Marathon too)! He is a very handy man, which is awesome. He renovated the lower level of our house so I could have my own home office to do design. I think I’ll keep him! 

Our girls are 11 & 13 years old. Ashley (13) is fairly shy and loves drawing, volleyball and track. Courtney (11) is my monkey. She literally climbs walls, but amazingly she can play by herself quietly for hours. Both of my girls love reading, doing puzzles and learning about human anatomy (future doctors?).

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